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Everyone from the RVLution team would like to say a big thank you for all of the support that RVLution has received, and as such we have now established an IRC channel for people to join.

You can now receive the most up to date info from the #RVLution IRC channel on Freenode (webchat). Please follow along and join the new channel to stay up to date with our projects. Should anyone require help or further information, do not hesitate to ask in the IRC channel linked above.
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woot woot
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Use youtube films in your Replies

Maybe do you not know How you can place films in youtube form?
then do i want to tell you that. :mrgreen:

1. the link:
2. the youtube code 5oP09xiQ0vs (everything next to the = )
3. the youtubecode for the site: type [ youtube]5oP09xiQ0vs (the youtube code only) (don't use spaces (i don't mean the air space, but the button))
4. Ready, you get it:

I hope I help you,

do you think this is bad english you need to google translate to a complaint
I think English grammar is very difficult

PS This is a new project: Join!