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Posted on 04-28-11, 07:45 pm
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I updated to 4.3 a while ago, after deleting the homebrew and riivolution channels. Then I reinstalled Homebrew using Smash Stack, and reinstalled Riivolution like that. I use a flash drive (not a USB loader) with the .arc files on it. However, when using 4.3 off the system menu, I cannot load anything off the flash drive. It works just fine when booting Riivolution off the Hombrew channel through the flash drive, though. Is this a bug, or is it not possible to fix?

EDIT: My flash drive is partitioned, if that makes a difference.
Posted on 05-30-11, 02:27 pm
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This warning is a fake. I have Homebrew and Riivolution... and update 4.3 . everything works fine.
Posted on 05-30-11, 06:23 pm
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Look at the freaking date.
Posted on 11-14-11, 02:15 am

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okay, all of you shut up. dkcr forced me to update to 4.3 way before i started hacking, and i used and exploit called letterbomb. you can get it at, and it's better and safer than bannerbomb. updates are officialy safe. i do not lie. so..... other than some pointless logs and screenshots, this thread is void. (i mean like, seriously, any of you could have simply googled it and found it, like use your heads) no offense to anybody who has no idea what i'm talking about.
Posted on 09-28-13, 11:20 pm

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Use Letterbomb to load Riivolution :evil:
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Posted on 09-29-13, 12:06 am

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please don't bump old threads this was posted 2 years ago by Users who are not here anymore.
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Posted on 09-29-13, 12:13 am

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Huh :? :? :?
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Posted on 09-29-13, 01:36 am

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He's true. Please don't bump old threads. Just don't post in them.
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