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PSL1GHT has come a long way since I started it last week as a temporary stop-gap while waiting on trap15 to work on PS3DK. It's quickly become incredibly feature-filled, and it's already possible to create full applications with it!

Two days ago, PSL1GHT received network support. Just today, PSL1GHT has received SPRX module linking support. SPRX modules are dynamic libraries already installed on your PS3; they provide all the game functionality like setting up the display, managing the controller, playing audio, etc. Now that we can use these, we get all sorts of useful functionality on the PS3! (If anyone's interested, we still could use some devs to come and help us fill in the SPRX headers and stubs)

As an example I wrote a program called PS3Load. PS3Load allows you to run SELF programs (homebrew) over your wireless or wired network; it uses Wiiload, for those familiar with it and the Homebrew Channel. To use it, simply run Wiiload (download) with a .self file, and point it to your PS3's IP address.

PS3Load is included in PSL1GHT's samples, but I've also attached a precompiled version to this post. For the ultimate fun, ps3load ps3load into ps3load so you can ps3load while you ps3load.

Nov. 1 Update: It seems that a number of people were having problems with the first pkg I created, so I've uploaded a slight bugfix.
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