Posted on 08-27-12, 07:45 pm
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Hey everyone! I'm proud to announce we have made our first ever release from Super Mario Galaxy 2.5:

You can download the level by clicking the link for the demo installer (or the direct download) in the description of the video below:

You may notice that the trailer feature custom models, a new feature for the hack. We're hoping that as the model importer becomes easier to use, everyone can start making their own Mario 3D levels.

Hope you guys enjoy, any and all feedback would be great! As always, if you want to help out with the project, you can join at .
Posted on 08-27-12, 10:45 pm

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It's nice! Although the planet as a whole seems really too spacious for me, but then again, some other people would like more freedom and love to explore.

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Posted on 08-30-12, 04:46 pm
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Not really sure why more people haven't posted anything on this. You're project looks pretty cool.

I was curious to know about how large you're polygon counts were for the models shown in the demo. Now that I think of it, also, what are the limits to what SMG2 engine can handle.
Posted on 09-03-12, 08:33 am
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The maximum for one model is around 5mb space-wise, which depends greatly on the size of textures, but normally 10,000 polys is the max for a single model. That said, by splitting up the models, we can have higher poly models in-game. For example, the Bowser castle seen in the trailer is over 50,000 polygons, split into 4 parts.
Posted on 09-03-12, 09:53 am

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That looks awesome!
I prefer already the original SMG2, but discover new galaxies and planets is awesome.
Also, a pretty awesome thing, the chemical formula of Cocaine : C17H21NO4, strange uh ?

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Really fun to play. I will definitely watch progress on the editor and your project.

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